Sustainability Case Studies

Our Sustainability Case Studies

At Smithfield, we are proud of our team of American and international employees working tirelessly to keep food on the world’s tables every single day.

From our STEAM education grant partnerships in North Carolina to our wind farm in south central Oklahoma, learn how Smithfield's investments are making real change in our communities - and the world.

Animal Care Case Studies

Animal Housing

Pigs are social beings: They like to be around other pigs and their caretakers.

Animal Nutrition

Our animal nutrition experts routinely study ways to improve the efficient use of our animal feed, analyzing raw ingredients and finished feeds for nutritional content and quality. 

Group Housing Systems for Pregnant Sows

Gilts, or female pigs that have not had a litter of piglets, are housed in groups are chosen at about 32 weeks old to be bread based on various traits, including observable characteristics and reproductive potential.

Smithfield's Genetics Research Centers

Our technicians, genetics researchers and veterinarians use genetics research to identify traits that favor animal health, growth and other characteristics like a sow's nursing skills or a piglet's feeding abilities. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Case Studies

Schwanzetta Williams, VP Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Schwanzetta Williams is driving Smithfield's new diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives into each dimension of the business and creating career pathways from within the business and externally.

Smithfield Foods Scholarship Program

We have committed to diversifying our Smithfield Foods Scholarship Program to include additional HBCUs.

Voice of a Smithfield Farmer

Charles Locklear, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, has been a contract farmer to Smithfield since 1991 and is passing off the importance of producing food responsibly to his sons.

Environment Case Studies

Diamond Spring Wind Site

Smithfield invested in Diamond Spring's 112-turbine wind site in south central Oklahoma which will deliver up to 15% of our U.S. energy through...

Conserving Water on Our Farms Through Reuse

Two-thirds of water used on our farms support essential sanitation procedures in and around our barns.

Where We Use Water

67% – Facilities for cooking and sanitation 33% – Farms for consumption, cooling, biosecurity and sanitation

We joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

the leading voice on sustainable packaging with members across the entire supply chain.

Food Safety and Quality Case Studies

Empowering Employees

As part of our Raise Your Hand campaign, we also empower our employees to stop production if they see something in their day-to-day that affects food safety or quality.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Our state-of-the-art robotics are designed to meet strict food safety guidelines, increase efficiencies for better product yields and address employee safety through the elimination of ergonomically hazardous tasks.

Health and Wellness Case Studies

Meeting Consumer Needs During the Pandemic

We accelerated our plans to roll out our e-commerce service support for our retail customers to meet new market demands.

Accessible, Transparent Ingredient Lists

The online glossary lists and describes ingredients used in products across the company's brands.

Helping Communities Case Studies

Helping Health Care Workers

As part of Smithfield’s global response to the pandemic, our operations in the United States, Poland and Romania stepped up to provide much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and health facilities.

Disaster Relief

Smithfield donated more than 80,000 pounds of protein, the equivalent of more than 320,000 servings, to support relief efforts in Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and Kentucky communities devastated by tornadoes and hurricanes in 2020.

FUSE Studios

With a two-year, $350,000 grant from Smithfield, FUSE Studio launched a hands-on, learning-studio education in 20 partner schools in our communities in North Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

Best for Vets Employer

Smithfield was ranked among the Best For Vets: Employers 2020 by the Military Times for the second consecutive year.

Employee Volunteerism

Smithfield employees stepped up to support local community organizations and efforts, volunteering nearly 1,600 hours to education, health, hunger relief and other causes they are passionate about.

Worker Health and Safety Case Studies

International COVID Response

Smithfield implemented strict and comprehensive safety plans and measures to help protect our employees' health and safety and to maintain the food supply.

Healthy and Safety Awards

Our Health and Safety Awards and Workers’ Compensation Awards annually recognize facility and individual accomplishments in safety excellence.