Good Business

As a trusted food and protein company, Smithfield is rooted in responsibility, operational excellence and innovation. We do business the right way—treating our people, customers, animals and environment with respect.

Sustainability Governance

We are passionate about producing good food the right way and strive to be a sustainability leader that sets benchmarks for our industry. Sound governance principles and management practices, which form a foundation for our sustainability strategy, cut across each of our seven pillars. 

Our Enterprise Risk Management System, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and our approach to stakeholder engagement, public policy and supply chain management help build trust, transparency, progress and value for our company and stakeholders.

Our Approach to Governance

We live by our policies every day and evaluate them on a regular basis to ensure that they reflect our goals, the needs of our stakeholders, and the state of our industry. They underscore our focus on transparency and responsible conduct across all of our operations. Smithfield policies are implemented through communication and training programs for our employees.

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From Our CEO

At Smithfield, our work is centered on feeding the world’s growing population with wholesome, safe and affordable food.

From Our CSO

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our culture and foundational to our strategy. Our culture of continuous improvement is bolstered by years of initiatives and successes, and embodied in our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS).

Animal Care

We maintain a steadfast commitment to the safety, health and comfort of our animals. We pioneer and follow industry best practices to prevent animal disease, ensure a biosecure environment for our animals and provide safe, comfortable housing through every stage of our animals’ lives.

Environmental Stewardship

We hold ourselves to a high standard of responsibility for environmental stewardship, and we continually develop innovative solutions to improve our conservation of precious natural resources.

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