We take a holistic approach to sustainability–to measure and manage our impact on people and the planet every step of the way.

Dear Stakeholders, 

At Smithfield, our work is centered on feeding the world’s growing population with wholesome, safe and affordable food. But we do more than produce good food. From our farms and feed mills to our processing facilities and transportation network, sustainability is our responsibility as an industry leader and a strategic priority for every part of our business. We are making a lasting difference by providing good jobs, being good stewards and doing good in our communities. 

Our operating model is among the most vertically integrated in the food production industry. We manage, support or work directly with every part of our supply chain, from the farmers who raise our hogs and grow the grain that feeds our animals to the drivers who deliver our products to store shelves. As a result, our work directly impacts global issues like climate and environmental stewardship, animal care, food security, health and nutrition and community building. Our unique business model is not only a competitive advantage that ensures the safety and quality of our products; it also allows us to take a holistic approach to sustainability—to measure and manage our impact on people and the planet every step of the way. And, as we progress toward our goals, we also support our customers, suppliers and farmers in furthering their own sustainability objectives. Good business supports our goals and creates value in every part of our operations. 

Smithfield has prioritized transparent reporting and sustainable operations for more than two decades, and we’ve made remarkable recent progress as we’ve pursued our ambitious 2030 carbon reduction goals. Sustainability has also become an essential value creator for Smithfield, supporting our performance and culture. This report is a clear reflection of the way we live our values—gratitude, communication, respect and accountability—day in and day out. It highlights the responsibility we feel and the respect with which we treat our ecosystems, animals, people, communities and customers. I am tremendously proud of what we do and of our hardworking team members around the globe who live our commitment to “Good food. Responsibly.®” 

On behalf of the entire Smithfield family, thank you for your confidence and support. It is an honor to share our progress with you.

Shane Smith

President & CEO

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From Our CSO

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our culture and foundational to our strategy. Our culture of continuous improvement is bolstered by years of initiatives and successes, and embodied in our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS).

Animal Care

We maintain a steadfast commitment to the safety, health and comfort of our animals. We pioneer and follow industry best practices to prevent animal disease, ensure a biosecure environment for our animals and provide safe, comfortable housing through every stage of our animals’ lives.

Environmental Stewardship

We hold ourselves to a high standard of responsibility for environmental stewardship, and we continually develop innovative solutions to improve our conservation of precious natural resources.

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