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Our brands have delicious covered – breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

From the bacon or sausage sizzling on your stove, to your favorite ham, hot dog, or lunchmeat, chances are good you already love one of our leading brands. It's why families all over the world purchase our products every year.

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Made in the USA

All our brands include a few simple, high-quality ingredients in every bite – great taste, reasonable prices, and a trustworthy reputation. It’s why millions of people all over the world serve and enjoy them every day.

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We bet our brands are some of your family's favorites!

Find out the products they make and follow the links to their brand sites for in-depth product information, delicious recipes, item availability, and special promotions.

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But our portfolio doesn't end there. We have a wide variety of other regional and international brands.

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What's in your food?

You want and expect meat to be the main ingredient when you purchase from one of our brands – and that’s exactly what they deliver. To round it out, we add a few select ingredients to enrich flavor, expand variety, preserve quality, and enhance food safety as well.

Benefitting from Vertical Integration

As the largest pork processor in the world, Smithfield is uniquely positioned to deliver differentiated products to meet customer specifications—both domestically and abroad. Vertical integration is a key point of difference for our products and brands, allowing us to drive changes through the supply chain.

Our vertically integrated platform assures the supply of consistent, high-quality, and traceable raw material. It also has enabled us to lead the industry in areas such as our sow group housing and the production of ractopamine-free pork, which is important for export markets.

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