Animal Nutrition


Our companywide feed and food safety programs follow the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Our FSMA-based safety plan is customized for each feed mill and bakery meal operation and maintained with ongoing employee training.

We began implementation of our Safe Feed/Safe Food program at our feed mills and bakery meal operations in 2020. It provides an accountability framework for how we manufacture and deliver safe and nutritious animal feed, including feed production oversight and quality assessments from ingredient origins, to the final delivery of the feed to our pigs. Our aim is to complete the rollout, including internal and external audits, in 2021.

Precise formulas of corn, soybean meal, wheat, and minerals and vitamins, when fed in the proper amount at the right time, allow our animals to grow and gain lean muscle. Our animal nutrition experts routinely study ways to improve the efficient use of our animal feed, analyzing raw ingredients and finished feeds for nutritional content and quality. They also work with our research and technology group to evaluate the impact of novel feed concepts and additives on animal performance. With our procurement team and our feed mill and bakery meal operations, they ensure they are producing feed that consistently meets the nutritional needs of the animals in a safe and economical way.