Empowering Employees

As the front line of our food safety and quality program, our employees learn from day one that food safety is non-negotiable, a tenet underlined by our guiding principles of Responsibility, Operational Excellence and Innovation. Facilities in the United States, Poland and Romania devote thousands of hours training employees in safety procedures, HACCP requirements and food science topics. Unique to our company, employees are invited to “audit” the products they’ve helped produce. Daily, we invite cross-functional teams — from quality and operations leadership to line workers to maintenance staff — to appraise products. The process provides employees the opportunity to see firsthand the critical nature of the safety and quality standards they are asked to uphold and instills a sense of ownership for a day’s work well done. As part of our Raise Your Hand campaign, we also empower our employees to stop production if they see something in their day-to-day that affects food safety or quality. Throughout the year, we recognize the efforts of our employees who identify potential product safety or quality hazards, such as defective product packaging or an incorrectly formatted code date.