Smithfield's Genetics Research Centers

We operate genetic research centers in North Carolina and Texas. Our technicians, genetics researchers and veterinarians use genetics research to identify traits that favor animal health, growth and other characteristics like a sow’s nursing skills or a piglet’s feeding abilities. They also look for traits related to meat quality, such as those that will result in the perfect amount of fat and marbling to meet consumer preferences. 

As a result of our research, the hogs we raise today represent a unique combination of three heritage breeds: 100% Durocs on the male side and a 50–50 cross between Landrace and Large White hogs on the female side. Our genetics program itself is also unique. While other U.S. meat companies use third parties to develop their breeding programs, the work of our expert inhouse research teams lets us trace the genetic lines across our entire pork chain, from breeding to farms to the final product.