Our people expect and deserve a safe workplace.
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Worker Health and Safety

Keeping Employees as Safe and Healthy as Possible

We approach our workers’ safety and work environment as if they were family – because they are. Each year, our company’s significant safety accomplishments are recognized by industry associations. And each year, we set the bar even higher, because without healthy, safe employees our company cannot fulfill our obligations to keep people fed.


Worker Health & Safety

We’re not just producing good food – we’re taking good care of our people. Just as we strive to be an industry leader in producing wholesome food products, following industry animal welfare practices and protecting the environment, we also strive to lead the industry in occupational safety and health.

Our Goals And Targets

Our Worker Health and Safety Goal: Maintain low employee injury rates.
Obtain ISO 45001 Health and Safety certification at all facilities globally by 2025.
On Track
Continue to maintain employee health and safety with incident rates below global industry averages.
On Track
Increase safety engagement to 50% or more of front-line employees globally by 2025.
On Track
Score at least 90% on Smithfield Injury System (SIPS) audits at all locations globally by 2025.
On Track
"Safety is in every aspect and every part of the locations that we’re in. Whether you work in an office or whether you work on a production floor… we have safety programs to make sure that our employees stay safe."
- Jason Aseniero, Vice President of Human Resources and Manufacturing Excellence

Our Approach to Worker Health & Safety

Our Approach to Worker Health & Safety
Our global health and safety program team and safety engagement culture drive continuous health and safety improvements across our company, helping keep our workers healthy and safe. 

Ensuring Team Member Safety
We maintain strict compliance with our global health and safety program, SIPS, which is designed to drive health and safety improvements across our company with the new goal of aligning the companywide program with the ISO 45001 certification. SIPS builds on the success of our Employee Injury Prevention Management System (EIPMS) established in 2007, which resulted in our safety record improving substantially over the years. Our rates are consistently better than competitors and, for many years, better than general industry rates. 

The success of our health and safety programs is underpinned by our safety engagement culture.

Worker Health and Safety Policy Statement

Smithfield recognizes our workers as our greatest asset, and we firmly believe the health and safety of every individual working or visiting one of our locations is our responsibility. View our full Health and Safety Policy.

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